Kansas is making a simple process seem long and drawn out. They have been slowly moving towards having legalized casino gambling, but once again the process has been delayed.

The process that developers have had to go through to secure the bid for the proposed new casinos has been long and grueling. This week, it was expected that the Kansas Lottery Commission would finally chose which of the bids they would accept.

The process has once again been delayed. The Commission decided that they would now put a vote off until next week to decide which developers bids will be the winning ones.

The deadline for the contracts to be signed is May 27th, and the Commission promised that deals would be signed by then. The vote is now scheduled for that day.

The Commission has already signed a deal with one company, Penn National Gaming Inc. for a casino contract in Cherokee County. That deal came easier for the Commission because Penn was the only developers bidding in the county.

Of the eleven developers that appeared before the Commission, no contracts have yet been signed. Deals are close with several, however, according to Lottery executive director, Ed Van Petten.

Hollywood Casino Finer Record Amount From Illinois Gaming Board

It is common practice for casinos to send out promotional mailers to potential customers. It is a way to drive up revenue and to have new customers come out to the casino.

It is not common practice, however, for the casino to send out the mailers to problem gamblers who have been on the casinos self exclusion banned list. That is what a casino in Aurora, Illinois has done.

Hollywood Casino sent out promotional mailers to potential customers. 146 of the 15,900 flyers that were mailed went out to problem gamblers that were banned by the casino. The result is the biggest fine ever handed down by the Illinois Gaming Board.

The casino was hit with a $800,000 fine. Three managers were also suspended for sending the letters. The Board claims that the casino should have checked their exclusion list before sending out the mailers.

The suspensions were not as harsh as the fine. The longest suspension that was given was to marketing services manager, Christopher Rellinger. He received fourteen days suspension. Vice-president of Marketing Alan Rosenzweig was suspended for ten days. Patt Medchill, the casino’s General Manager was suspended for three days.

The casino rented a list of names from a firm that operates ATM machines at casinos throughout the state. The casino was expected by the Gaming Board to then check the names against their exclusion list to ensure that none of the banned problem gamblers received the promotional mailing.

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