James Packer had big aspirations to bring a mega casino to Las Vegas. The casino was going to be the tallest in the world but Packer came up short in securing the funding needed to build the casino.

Now, Packer has moved on from his Vegas project and has set his sights on Asia. He is prepared to build a $1.5 billion casino in the Philippines.

Packer owns Bloombury Investments that is based in the British Virgin Islands. The company is in the process of securing the gambling licenses necessary to bring the casino to the Philippines.

The plans for the casino are elaborate. The company wants to build high scale shops and restaurants to go along with three luxury hotels. They also want to build a sports and entertainment center.

The casino would be developed on land that faces Manila Bay. Packer is not the only developer looking to bring a casino to the area. Three other local and international developers are also seeking licenses for the area.

Packer did not wait long to move on from his disappointment in Las Vegas. After his plans for the tallest casino in the world fell through, his company quickly rebounded and moved on to the Asia project.

Louisiana Casinos Jump Ten Percent In Latest Revenue Figures

Louisiana casino have been dealing with a lot of adversity over the past few years. Many of the state’s casinos were devastated in Hurricane Katrina, and have taken a long time to recover.

The casino received some good news finally this month. Casino revenue has jumped ten percent in May over the previous month. At a time when many casinos in the country are seeing declining numbers, the news was good for Louisiana casinos.

There are thirteen riverboat casinos in the state. Their revenue numbers combined with those of four casinos at racetracks and Harrah’s New Orleans were $235.2 million. That figure is up from the $213.1 million that was made in April.

Last year, those same casinos brought in $220.5 million. The figures show an area that is continuing to recover after all of the devastation. The figures also reveal that the state is one of the few in the country where their casino sales are increasing instead of decreasing.

The state also has three Indian reservation casinos, but those figures are not included in the revenue numbers. The Indian casinos are not required by law to show their revenue numbers to the public.

The comeback was a needed one for the area after revenue numbers were down for April. The increase brings hope that the casinos are close to getting back to normal business.

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