Jay-Z is as big a star as their is on the planet these days. He has become an entrepreneur, while continuing his music career that begin his fame. There is something else, however, that Jay-Z feels he is good at.

He recently revealed his love for gambling while over in London. He even considers himself an expert in the gambling field. It is not uncommon to find high profile stars who enjoy gambling.

Whether it is because they have enough money to absorb losses, or they just like the action, one thing is certain. Gambling and stardom go hand and hand, and Jay-Z has embraced it.

“I’m a pretty big, almost professional, gambler. I’m not gonna say any names because that’ll mess it all up, but there are these little private clubs you can go to in the West End where you can hang out and gamble, and it’s pretty cool,” said Jay-Z.

While admitting to enjoying these gambling dens, he refused to name any of the ones that he frequents while in London. He claims that part of the advantage to these gambling houses is that they are secluded, and he can get some privacy.

The Jay-Z admission comes after another high profile star, Charles Barkley, has said he is trying to break his gambling habit. Other “A” list stars have taken to the game of poker, with many playing in tournaments all over the world.

Ontario’s Caesars Windsor Ready To Take On Detroit Casinos

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The Caesars brand name has once again come to an existing casino. Casino Windsor has been re-branded in the Caesars name and is now open for business under the new brand.

The casino underwent a $439 million overhaul. It remodeled and expanded, and is now ready to compete with casinos in neighboring Detroit.

In December of 2006, Casino Windsor announced that it would be re-branding as Caesars Windsor. The name has been changed, but so has some of the casino itself.

The Augustus Tower hotel has 369 room and is twenty seven story’s high. There is also 100,000 square feet of convention space available. The 5,000 seat Colosseum will also be bringing in acts throughout the summer.

Michael Bolton, Randy Travis, Patti LaBelle, Ringo Starr, Neil Sedaka, and Donna Summer are some of the acts that are scheduled to perform this summer.

Detroit has three casinos located in their city, and they are a main rival to Caesars Windsor. The casino in Ontario opened in 1994, but just recently changed its name and its decor to fit the Caesars brand.

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