A major crisis is striking casinos around the country. The economy is causing concern for casino owners who are watching their revenue numbers drop with each passing month.

Kansas city area casinos released their bad news regarding revenue late this week. The revenue numbers dropped in June from $60.5 million last year to $58.8 million this year.

Although the numbers are not extremely down, they do show a disturbing trend that is happening to many casinos in the United States. The decrease for the Kansas City casinos was 2.8 percent from the previous year.

Not only is revenue down for these casinos, but the amount of people that are visiting the casino is also down 2.9 percent from last year. 909,740 people visited the Kansas City casinos last year compared to 882,941 in this June.

Ameristar Casino & Hotel Kansas City actually increased their revenue from the previous June. Their revenue numbers were $21.49 million last year. This year they jumped to $21.56, not a major increase, but at least positive numbers for an industry that is struggling.

Las Vegas has been the standard by which casinos are judged and even they are experiencing below average numbers. Casino operators are for the first time acknowledging that the economy is playing a part in sagging revenue.

Three Men Arrested In Pennsylvania Gambling Ring Bust

Another day, another illegal gambling bust by authorities in the United States. This time it was in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania that the gambling ring bust took place.

Three men were arrested and hit with gambling related charges this week. Robert Juliette of Punxsutawney and Robert Boast of Johnstown were the two men that were arrested from Pennsylvania.

A third man was also arrested in the sting, but Jeff Papalia of Kernerville, was arrested in North Carolina. all three men are facing charges of pool selling and bookmaking, corrupt organization and criminal use of a telecommunication facility, and lottery related charges.

The investigation took place between March 27th and April 9th. Back in March authorities obtained the right to wiretap Juliette’s phone. The wiretap led to the finding of the illegal gambling activity.

Although only three arrests have been made up until this point, police say that more arrests in the case could be following. Papalia was the one receiving forwarded bets from Juliette and Boast would sent money that was owed to Juliette.

The sports that were being wagered on were hockey, basketball, horse racing, and baseball. Football was most likely involved also, but the time period for the investigation did not correspond with the NFL season.

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